Here at iAM Towers, we pride ourselves on making the very best content for our customers. But what if you wake up one day in a cold sweat from a mad dream about making e-learning, and think, “I’d also like to make some content of my own but don’t know how?” Well, you can relax, because we’ve partnered up with Easygenerator to bring you an easy-to-use, agile, rapid authoring tool. Easygenerator enables anyone, from eLearning professionals to subject-matter experts, to quickly create and share interactive content.

Create your own content in under 2 minutes

See for yourself how you can create high quality e-learning in a fraction of the time with the easy-to-use authoring tool. Check out the video to get started.

Resources that give you a head start

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Starting off

Kickstart your creation process by choosing a topic from the pre-made templates. Just pick, customise, and share!

Import Powerpoints

Transform your PowerPoint files into e-learning courses in just a few clicks with the PowerPoint import feature. Take advantage of the powerful benefits Easygenerator has to offer to make your courses standout.


Give learners the right information at the right time with performance support resources. With Easygenerator’s Checklist and How-to guides, learners will have job-aids at their fingertips.


Seamlessly integrate Easygenerator with your existing workflow as the content you create in the tool is compatible with SCORM and xAPI. Important data can also be passed to any LRS, LXP and LMS on the market.

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You don’t always have to be an expert to make great eLearning

OK, so we’re lucky to have some expert talent making some of the best courses out there. But, not all L&D teams have the knowledge or resource to produce e-learning courses. Fortunately, that’s not  a problem anymore. Easygenerator lets you create stunning content by simply dragging and dropping pre-built interactions, layouts, and templates, so you can enrich it with text, images, video, and audio.

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Be agile and rapid in your learning development

At iAM, we’re agile in our methods and can react fast to evolving situations. That’s why we love Easygenerator. It enables anyone, from elearning professionals to subject-matter experts, to react quickly and create and share interactive content. Then publish it quickly.

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Fully supported at every stage

Just like the iAM Helpdesk, we are always on-hand to support you. But what if you need a hand creating the perfect training for yourself? With Easygenerator, you can open a new conversation with support specialists at any moment during your course creation process to help you on your way. You can easily reach out through the built-in chat functionality, too.