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Technology shouldn’t be a barrier to learning. Which is why we’ll give you a ‘lite’ LMS for free (if you need one).

You might be asking “where’s the hidden catch?” But there isn’t one. Sometimes, businesses don’t have the technology to host eLearning, or the budget to bring it in. We think it’s important that everyone should have access to self-development and learning opportunities, which is why we give this platform away for free.

Free 'lite' LMS features


  • Reporting suite & dashboards
  • Engagement reports
  • Course ratings
  • CSV or EXCEL exports
  • Create bespoke dashboards


  • Company logo and basic branding
  • Custom banners for campaigns
  • Host your own content
  • Custom interfaces


  • Bulk user uploads
  • Manage user permissions and groups
  • Freeze accounts
  • Mobile App
  • Bespoke learning paths


  • Allocate course or collections
  • Deadlines & reminders
  • Allocate courses by groups
  • Auto enrolment or manual allocation
  • Set pre-requisites and locking order
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Unlimited users

We like to keep things simple, affordable and high quality. So, to encourage people to learn more often and continuously develop, we don’t put a cap on how many people can access our content, or how often. By removing barriers, your people can be empowered to take control of their learning in a low, cost effective way that’s easy to roll out in your business.

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Your people, your experience

You control which courses and collections get assigned to your people, so you can create the learning experience they need. We’ll also add small branding elements to the LMS so it’s recognizable to your company, along with helping you set up any groups and permission settings for your learners in the LMS.

Keeping people compliant every year is made easy with automated reminders for any compliance learning you want to be done regularly. You know, things like GDPR, or cyber security courses, so you can stay on top of things without hassle.

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Data is key

Data provides helpful insight into your people’s engagement, completion and knowledge. This means you can easily see who needs to complete a course, keep accurate training records or use built-in dashboards for quick reporting to key stakeholders in the business. Very useful.

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