How we make our content

Ever wondered how we create our incredible content? Well, it's not a quick and simple process, but we've got a whole team in place to make it as streamlined as possible. Better to create accurate content at a steady pace than rush it and risk errors. Read on to find out more about our process.

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From ideation to delivery…

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Customer Insight

Course ideas are suggested by customers, stakeholders and internally, based on trending topics and other insights. They are discussed and finalised before sending to our L&D team.

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Creative Session

Planning and research are conducted between the L&D and Creative teams in creative sessions. Themes/stories are discussed, as are potential pitfalls and blended materials.

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The course structure documents are created based on research, interactivity is planned and a scriptwriter is briefed.

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Research and Script Writing (SME)

The scriptwriter researches the topic and begins writing. A Subject Matter Expert is sourced as required, and they liaise and edit the script until everyone is satisfied. The script is then reviewed and signed off by team leaders.

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Screenplay & Directors Notes

Script is changed by the writer into a set of director’s notes, which is essentially a screenplay, telling an artist and animator what should happen during the course.

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Art Direction & Storyboard

The artist creates characters, backgrounds and other assets as requested on the director’s notes and turns each scene into a beautifully detailed storyboard. This is checked by the writer and team leaders and then edited as required.

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Animation & Voiceover

The script is sent to a voiceover artist, and voice files and images are integrated. Rich animation is then created and then checked in the same process.

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Build - Finalisation

All scenes are brought together, and blended learning is created, then menus/buttons are added by the L&D team to turn into a course. The course is reviewed by governing bodies as well as management before release.

“You wake up, and before you know it, you're ‘doom scrolling’. Does this sound like you? It would help if you gave your fingers something better to do. I think the recipe to create content is broadly the same wherever you go, but the ingredients' quality and the orchestration make the difference to the content you want to take and content that's just filling a gap in your day.
I start with the question you should ask yourself when you start any project; “What's the purpose?” What do you want it to do? There’s no point in answering a question that nobody asked. The same applies here. We make content that the market or our customers are screaming for. It makes commercial sense, right? Then it's into planning and design. The topic is scoped out by our team of instructional designers, then it's over to the creative director to make sure it hits the right commercial and pedagogical notes. Into the script, it goes, followed by the screenplay.
While we're at it, we throw our voiceover artists into the recording studio to record the audio. Whilst that's happening, the designers take the screenplay and turn it into a full-fledged storyboard. Once that's been signed off, it's into motion production where all the script, learning design and storyboard art come together. Then it's into build for the final assembly. Testing happens, and then we launch! That's a whirlwind tour of how we do it. It's content worth waking up for.”

Thomas Gagen
Co-Founder and Creative Director
Tom Gagen
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