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Pain or Power? How eLearning can actually be Inspirational & Engaging

What are the three most dreaded letters you hear from your boss? Could they be CPD by any chance? Continued professional development. Big. Fat. Yawn. The acronym isn't exactly one that ignites joy and motivation, is it? 

For many professions, taking part in CPD is a legal requirement in the UK. Which means there is no way you are getting out of it. Did you know that professional training doesn't have to be like the image you have in your head?

The new way to keep up to date with compliance and required protocols is via eLearning. Thanks to the pandemic (we don't have a lot to thank it for), eLearning has become the norm. The increase of people learning online is only set to increase in the coming years. 

You may feel a little overwhelmed by all the online content out there. We have remote teams, remote education, remote socialising times. We are all trying our best not to get screen fatigue.

Don't fear, we are here to show you all the reasons eLearning is beneficial for both the employer and employee. 

Keep reading to understand the power behind eLearning and why it isn't as dull as you may think.

Quick Reminder about what eLearning Means

Simply put, eLearning is the term given to online learning platforms.

Of course, we learn things from the internet every day. Want to know where the nearest shop is, we search online, need to know how to fix our computer, we look for the answer online. 

Learning things to help us with everyday tasks isn't considered eLearning, though. eLearning is more specific to educational programmes that just happen to be online. For example, if you want to learn Spanish online, you could find a learning platform for it. 

The difference between using a search engine to learn stuff and using a specific platform is that an online learning platform is structured. If you learn using an eLearning programme, it will have a core proposition, learning objectives and goals in mind.

During the pandemic, with school closures rife, online learning for kids has become the norm. School children have been taking their standard lessons with their usual teachers via video calls.

School and preschool online learning are a type of eLearning too. It is just a bit different as they don't necessarily use a specific course or platform. 

The beauty of eLearning for adults is that it tends to be self-led, which brings a whole host of benefits. 


Benefit 1 of eLearning: It Stops Lack of Motivation

Getting motivated to complete a dull course your boss says you HAVE to do is a tough ask. Is the workbook saved somewhere on your desktop, staring at you every time you open your computer? Is there nothing worse you'd rather do? 

Finding the motivation to learn about a dry topic is challenging, even stressful.

Traditionally continuing professional development courses are delivered in the form of an event you have to attend. You have to go and listen to a self-proclaimed expert banging on about something only they find interesting.

Powerpoint. Let's not get started on how disengaging and yawn-inducing those presentations are. Can you remember anything you have ever been told in the form of a Powerpoint presentation? Thought not!

There's a reason Jeff Bezos has banned Powerpoint in the meetings he attends at Amazon.

If only there were a more exciting way to learn the necessary protocol that wasn't unmotivating and dull. Imagine there was an engaging and fun way to understand this content. Wait! Did somebody say eLearning?!

With fun content offered by online learning, people WANT to learn.  This means no more shunning of deadlines, seeing the course as a chore and not bothering with it. 

employee engaged with elearning

Benefit 2 of eLearning: You Retain More Info

We've all been there. Whether it was during our education or our working years. Dozing off, drifting off somewhere else, letting our brain switch off. It's perfectly normal for this to happen when listening to a monotone lecture or looking at a bland text. 

Did you know the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text?

So watching videos is educational. Hurray! Finally, we are allowed to watch YouTube at work. Jokes aside, retention is one of the key reasons eLearning is so beneficial.

Fun, easy to digest content that doesn't take itself too seriously is the best way for your brain to take on the message. There's a reason kids love animation so much. 


Benefit 3 of eLearning: It Empowers the Learner

If you attend a lecture or workshop in person, it can be nerve-wracking, and you may feel shy. We may find it challenging to contribute to discussions due to fear of being judged.

With eLearning, there is no chance of this. Learning online via a series of interactive materials empowers the student. They can ask questions they may be scared to ask in a real-life setting and can make mistakes they may have been fearful of making. 

Making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process. So with eLearning, learners can get more from the educational content. 

You can also go at your own pace when using an online course. You don't have to wait for others to catch you up or feel like you are being left behind. It's a much more relaxed way to learn. 

Being able to track your progress and continuously improve your knowledge is why eLearning has become such a powerful tool. 

Benefit 4 of eLearning: Easier to Schedule 

eLearning also removes the barrier of time to CPD programs. Employees don't need to carve out full days in their calendar to go on location to complete a course. 

Being able to complete a course at home or in the office is much more time-efficient and sustainable. 

Another power of eLearning is that it is easily scalable. The whole company can watch some videos and answer quizzes about them. It is much more challenging to get the entire company to attend in-person training sessions. 


Benefit 5 of eLearning: Clear Learning Objectives 

Online courses are planned intricately, documented and evaluated. When you follow an online programme, it is much easier to dip in and out of the course and check your progress. 

Managers can get reports about how their staff are doing and evaluate progress. When everything is logged, it is much easier to keep track of where everybody is at with their learning. 

The other great thing about personalised eLearning is that courses can be designed specifically for your company. Staff don't just have to learn some generic content about health and safety in the workplace, for example. 

Bespoke eLearning content will keep your employees fully engaged. Oh, and did we mention you can teach your customers using customised content too?

Want to show your clients how a feature of your product works? A little explainer video works wonders at driving customer engagement and retention. 

Benefit 6 of eLearning: It Remains Current

The wonder of the internet, hey. It can be updated in an instant, literally at the click of a button. This means your courses can stay up to date with new research, cutting edge knowledge and information.

How often are those PowerPoint presentations updated, do you think? 

eLearning uses multimedia content, including videos, to demonstrate real-world examples of the point being conveyed. It is much easier to use multifaceted media to translate learnings into real life. 

Benefit 7 of eLearning: More Budget-Friendly

If you were wondering how to train your staff to have high-level knowledge without breaking the bank, then in steps eLearning.

It goes without saying, online courses are way better for your company budget. Hiring someone to come in and give a lecture is much more costly and reaches way fewer people. 

If you are an employer, eLearning is a cost-effective, scalable, effective way to keep your employees up to date with all they need to know.

Design a course that will inspire and motivate your employees, and it will be around for way longer than some bloke chatting in a suit. 

Power or Pain, What Are You Saying?

So what do you think? Is eLearning powerful or painful? Having read this, you must be psyched up to get learning, surely?

We've discovered that learning online is more interactive, more engaging and much more likely to help you retain valuable information.

It can even be (shock, horror!) fun. Many online courses gamify the content to make you excited to keep studying and learning more and more.

Gone are the days of dry, painful presentations via a projector. Learning at your own pace via fun, engaging content is the future. 

Want the most fun, informative CPD courses out there for your staff? Want bespoke content that is unforgettable? Get in touch with us today! 

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