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The Most Relevant E-Learning Courses for Your Staff in 2021

New year, new you?

Let's make it happen! It's a whole new year, and we believe your staff have the potential to overcome obstacles—familiar as well as unexpected—and really take charge in 2021.

Our e-learning courses will give your team the tools they need to be sharper, work smarter, and feel more supported in the workplace (whether that's a physical place or a virtual one). From the timeless classics to the up-and-coming hits, these are the e-learning courses you need to check out this year.

The Classics That Have Taken on a New Importance

E-learning has become a way of life during the pandemic, but we've been at this even before COVID-19 came on the scene. Here are some courses that we released before 2020 but that have a new meaning in the current era.

Personal Protective Equipment

Who knew that Personal Protective Equipment (abbreviated as PPE) would have become so important to the general public?

PPE used to be only for certain jobs, like people whose research involved biohazards. But these days, items like gloves and surgical masks are part of everyday life. And this extends to the workplace as well.

Need a refresher on safety? Wondering about the best way to create a barrier between yourself and dangerous pathogens?

Learning about PPE can help your staff protect themselves and each other.

Time Management

Managing your time well has always been a crucial piece in doing good work and feeling great about the work you do. Anxiety and stress over poor time management can halt progress and cause a dip in morale. When your employees feel like they are in control over their schedule, you'll start to see lots of positive changes.

During the pandemic, time management might be a make-or-break skill for your team. Remote learning, stress, and feelings of loss can make work itself seem overwhelming for many people out there.

It's important to take breaks, but it can also feel good to work those into a structured workday. Our time management course can help your employees manage their time even when they're in pyjama bottoms and their dog has been barking at them for the past fifteen minutes.

E-Learning Courses We Added During the Pandemic

As the world changed and adapted to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we started to release courses that dealt with the situation at hand. Here are some of our recently released e-learning courses that remain relevant as we make our way through 2021.

COVID-19 Awareness

We could not make this list without including the obvious: COVID-19 awareness. Not everyone is on the same page when it comes to knowledge about the virus or how it spreads. This can lead to conflict when people are in close quarters or trying to decide whether to work at the office or at home.

An e-learning course on COVID-19 awareness can help give everyone some references to use moving forward.

Remote Working 101

The massive shift to remote working has been a major transition that many of us are still getting used to.

Has your workplace gotten the hang of videoconference meetings and remote teams? Has it gotten boring or overwhelming? Have children, pets, or other home elements gotten in the way of your work?

Well, if you answered "yes" to any of these, you're not alone. Chances are, you were not prepared for remote working by the time you had to do it.

But in 2021, you can re-evaluate and settle into a better working routine. Our remote working course will show you how it's done—with fun animations and a sense of humour, of course.

Staying Safe Online

One thing to be careful about with remote working is that it relies so much on the internet. For those staff members out there who are not so internet-savvy, this can present a whole host of problems.

Phishing, scams, and hacks are all dangers in a remote workplace. This is especially important to watch out for when the nature of the work is confidential or sensitive. Our course about staying safe online is something that can protect your staff as well as any information about clients or other people you work with.

Return to Work 101

The decision to return to work is tricky, but the process of actually returning can be even trickier.

Returning to work can happen for many reasons. An employee might be out sick or might take a break because they fear they've been exposed to the coronavirus. Due to the nature of this virus, they might be absent for a while.

For some workplaces, the return to work is just a return to the office or worksite after a long period of working from home. If you're worried about doing it right, it's time to tune into this e-learning course.

Coming Soon During 2021

The list doesn't end there! We have been working hard on creating fun, engaging e-learning content, and we have some great courses coming in the near future. Check our off-the-shelf content roadmap for a rough estimate of when you can expect to see these videos.

Defining Hazard and Risk

As we hear more updates about COVID-19 and its new variants, your ability to point out hazards and risks might become more important than ever before.

Before the pandemic, did you consider a shopping mall a health hazard? (Well, maybe you'd be at risk for spending too much). So many things we took for granted in the past are now pretty big risks. Our course on defining hazard and risk will help your staff understand risk, from which they can identify what they need to be careful about moving forward.

Introduction to First Aid

What does first aid have to do with pandemic safety? Well, in some regions, a high rate of COVID-19 means hospitals have long wait times and limited resources for the rest of their patients.

First aid allows you to do a few things.

First, it helps you prevent the worsening of a problem so you can avoid a trip to the emergency room. Second, it can give you something to do while you wait to be admitted to a hospital. And third, knowing how to respond in a first aid situation can help you stay efficient and prevent unnecessary contact when an injury happens in the workplace.

This is true whether you're helping yourself with a wound or assisting a coworker. Staying calm and knowing what tools to use can help make sure everyone is acting in a safe manner.

Promoting and Supporting Mental Health

The first step of addressing mental health issues in the workplace is to acknowledge and learn about them. But in 2021, we are releasing a course to take this to the next level: promoting and supporting mental health.

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many people's emotional wellbeing. This could be for many reasons.

For example, someone might be dealing with the loss of a loved one. Or even if they do not personally know someone who has passed, they might be feeling the grief of those around them who do.

Others might be struggling with isolation during the pandemic. For some, this may have been amplified due to cold weather limiting people's ability to walk around outside or the stress of not being able to gather during the winter holidays.

Helping people through these issues is something that can make a huge difference in the workplace.


If you manage a team of employees, whistleblowing might seem like a tricky topic you don't want to get into. But it's an important part of the fight for justice in the workplace, and showing that you care will go a long way.   During the pandemic, lots of workplace decisions have huge consequences for worker safety and even job stability. When staff members notice that their coworkers are cutting corners or making concerning decisions, they need good tools to be able to speak up about it. Our animated explainer content illustrates these situations in a way that just makes sense.

Bespoke Content

Let's say you work in a highly specialized field or just feel like none of these off-the-shelf videos really speak to the specifics of what your staff does. Well, you'll be happy to learn that we do custom content too!

Check out our bespoke content overview to see whether this would be a good fit for your team in 2021. From the art to the voiceovers and more, we can tailor our instructional style to your staff's unique needs.

It's Time to Get Learning!

We are all still learning how to live and work during this strange time. But fortunately, you do have a choice in how you learn! If you think your staff could benefit from e-learning courses that are actually entertaining, you know who to call (message!). Just pop us a message on our website, we'd love to help you figure out what we can do for you.

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