Case Study: Climalife

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Case Study: Climalife

What sector is your business in?


How many current employees are in your business?

20-100 Category

What is the percentage of employees that aren’t desk-based? (Estimation)


What was your need for originally looking for bitesize e-learning?

Our previous e-learning platform was very dull and people weren't making use of it.

Why did you initially choose to come on board with iAM Learning? (List 3 things that encouraged this)

Short learning, fun and engaging.

Which collections or courses have brought the most value to your employees and the organisation? (List Top 3)

BEDI, H&S, Leadership & People Management

How has the bitesize training contributed to overall efficiency and productivity within the organisation? (Please provide performance data or statistics if possible)

Easy for people to complete the training when fits in with them.

Which courses have been celebrated across the organisation?

EDI, Communication Skills, Keep it positive: your leadership mindset

In what ways has bitesize eLearning contributed to higher staff engagement and job satisfaction from your perspective? Have you seen any direct correlations?

People are completing more e-learning as it's so short and easy (and fun!) to complete.

Which of the courses is the one you feel your organisation couldn’t live without?


Could you provide us with any data on Launch Rate, Completion Rate and Time Spent in the iAM Learning LMS?

82% completion rate on EDI course, 86% completion rate on Sexual Harassment, 100% have logged into the platform and 55% have logged in within the last month.

How would you describe iAM Learning’s bitesize training in 3 words?

Fun, engaging, useful!

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