How Kocho use iAM Learning to upskill and train staff

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How Kocho use iAM Learning to upskill and train staff

Kocho Bio:

Kocho helps ambitious companies realise their full potential. They combine the power of Microsoft Cloud technology with World-class identity, cyber-security, and managed services. Their superbly talented team helps businesses adopt and embrace the right technology solutions at the right time. This results in sustainable and secure growth which amplifies success. Think of them as a new teammate, brimming with ideas and solutions to problems you may be facing.

Kocho has 340 employees who utilise iAM Learning’s online content, and have been using iAM Learning for around 15 months.

How importantly do you take staff training at Kocho? Is L&D key to your goals?

It’s very important. Training is a key requirement of our ISO certifications and training in areas such as modern slavery, anti-bribery and corporate criminal offence are key elements of our corporate compliance obligations. The ability to evidence the completion of training courses is also a key audit requirement.

How has iAM Learning been able to support your drive for staff training, and why?

The combination of the extensive catalogue, short course durations and the ability to upload our own content has allowed us to meet our varied mandatory training requirements, plus providing training courses on demand as required.

What were your requirements when shopping for an online eLearning provider, and why did you ultimately choose iAM?

We wanted a training system that would provide us with a wide range of subject areas to cover our various compliance requirements, but wanted individual training sessions to be reasonably concise. We were also impressed by the ability to upload our own training content. Plus the Learning Management element allows us to easily track progress and produce stats for evidence to auditors.

Since switching to iAM, have course completion rates improved? If so, by how much, and why do you think that is?

A lot of the feedback we had while using our previous training system was that the courses were too long and our employees struggled to fit them into their working day. Because the iAM content is shorter, it has enabled employees to complete the training courses as they are issued throughout the year and consequently we have seen a better uptake.

Which 3 collections from the iAM Learning library does your team find the most useful for their development, and why?

  • Cyber Security collection - key infosec training material
  • FCA collection - key financial compliance training material
  • Human Resources collection - key for training in subjects such as Modern Slavery

Note this represents only 3 collections - there are other collections/courses we find just as valuable.

Which are your top 3 courses from the iAM Learning Library and what do you like about them?

  • GDPR Overview - concise course, ideal for training a group of people with varying levels of experience and technical understanding
  • Modern Slavery course - covers a serious topic in a clear but concise way
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption - again, a concise overview of this key topic

How would you describe iAM Learning in a few words?

Concise courses presented in a clear, informative style, blending audio and textual presentation with checkpoint questions to test understanding.

Has iAM Learning’s online training helped both office-based and hybrid/remote working employees? If so, how?

The majority of our employees work remotely or hybrid, so the delivery of training online is invaluable.

Do the team at Kocho prefer the convenience of bite-sized courses compared to long-form learning?

Yes - the platform meets our requirements in this regard. The shorter courses are definitely popular.


We really like iAM Learning here at Kocho. Firstly, there’s the time aspect – training can be completed around normal workloads and the concise length of the courses has proved popular with our employees. The catalogue of courses is extensive, covering our key compliance requirements but also providing content in other important areas such as Health & Safety and softer skills. The Learning Management element makes it easy to track who has completed training, and enables us to generate reports providing key evidence to auditors. iAM has also created an area for us to upload our own training content, giving us added flexibility in the type of courses we can make available to our employees. We look forward to continuing our work with iAM and judging by the roadmap, there are some interesting new courses in the pipeline!

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