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October (Just released)
Leadership & People Management
Encouraging Employee Engagement
Keep it Positive: Your Leadership Mindset
How Business Leaders Prepare for a Downturn
Avoiding Common Management Mistakes
Understanding Stakeholder Management
Attracting Great Employees
Maintaining Changes to Workplace Culture
What is Authentic Leadership?
Non-Verbal Communication
The Impact of Giving Accountability 


Financial Conduct Authority
Anti Bribery & Corruption



Leadership & People Management

Performance Reviews      10 mins
Recognising When a Formal PIP is Needed    10 mins
Leading Global Teams    10 mins
Office Health & Safety
Setting Up Your Home Office   15 mins
Driving Safely (Mobile Devices)    5 mins
Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR)   15 mins
Creativity & Innovation
Creativity & Innovation    10 mins
Soft Skills 
Communication Skills   10 mins
Sales Skills
Presenting with Confidence   10 mins
Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
The Importance of an Inclusive Workplace   15 mins

Leadership & People Management

Mentoring    10 mins
Human Resources
Sexual Harassment (UK & Global)   10 mins

Leadership & People Management

Recognising a Skill vs Performance Issue    10 mins
Difficult Conversations   10 mins
January 2023
Financial Conduct Authority
PCI - DSS    15 mins
Hand Arm Vibration    15 mins
Health & Safety 
Winter Weather Awareness  15 mins
Psychological Safety - Leadership
Addressing a Blame Culture   10 mins
I'm Not OK - Spotting When Team Members are Struggling   2-5 mins
Safe Place to Fail - Creating a Fail Fast Environment   2-5 mins
Dare to Disagree - Creating a Feedback Culture    2-5 mins
It's OK Not to Know Everything    2-5 mins
Psychological Safety - Employees
I'm Not OK - How to Ask for Help  2-5 mins
Safe Place to Fail - Learning from Mistakes   2-5 mins
Dare to Disagree - Challenging Leadership Constructively    2-5 mins
The Dangers of Echo Chambers    2-5 mins
February 2023
Financial Conduct Authority
Treating Customers Fairly    15 mins
Competition Law    15 mins
Insider Dealing    15 mins
Whistleblowing    15 mins
Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)    15 mins
Heavy Plant - Lift Truck Safety    15 mins
Sales Skills
Sector Knowledge (Verticals)  10 mins
Mental Health
Supporting Others with their Mental Health   2-5 mins
Psychological Safety - Employees
Championing Others  2-5 mins
March 2023
Sales Skills
Building Your Brand on LinkedIn  10 mins
Maintaining Commitment - Closing the Sale  10 mins
Soft Skills (Behavioural Change)
Utilising Your Network  10 mins
Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating  10 mins
Building and Rebuilding Trust  10 mins

Leadership & Management

Performance Reviews
Leading Global Teams
Difficult Conversations
Recognising When a Formal PIP is Needed
Recognising a Skill vs Performance Issue
Avoiding Common Management Mistakes 

Soft Skills

Utilising Your Network
Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating
Shift your Mindset (Setting Goals)
The Power of Emotional Courage
Collaborative Leadership
Tribal Leadership
Building & Rebuilding Trust
Embrace Conflict
Be Curious, Don't be Complacent


Mental Health Applied

Talking about Mental Health
Promoting mental health in your workplace
Talking about Men’s Mental Health
Combatting Mental Health through Creative Communication
The Role of Leaders in Lifting the Stigma of Mental Health
Mental Health – Where to get help & support
Supporting others with their mental health


Sales Skills

Understanding the Customer
Sector Knowledge (Verticals)
Presenting with Confidence
Building your Brand on LinkedIn
Maintaining Commitment - Closing the Sale


Human Resources

Interview Skills
Managing Grievances
Sexual Harassment UK & Global
Managing Disciplinaries
Managing Absence
Performance Management
Creating a Competency Framework
Job Specifications - Finding the Right Talent


Cyber Security

Fake News
Targeted Ransomware
Choosing the right cloud vendor
Working Remotely (but safely)
Protecting your personal data
Stolen Devices
WiFi Security
Disaster Recovery
Life in the Cloud


Health & Safety

Workplace Inspections
Health Surveillance
Winter Weather Awareness
Active Shooter
Construction Dust
Dealing with Bomb Threats / Terrorism / School Lockdown
Setting up Your Home Office



Electrical Safety Training (Lockout /Tagout)
Hand Arm Vibration
Heavy Plant - Lift Truck Safety
Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)
Spill Prevention & Control
Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR)
Living in a Post Brexit World
Lone Working



Understanding & Identifying Patterns of Grooming
Promoting and Supporting Mental Health
Introduction to Safer Recruitment


Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation
Being Innovative (Case Study)
Creative Problem Solving


Health & Wellbeing

Work / Life Balance
Eating Healthily


Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Importance of an Inclusive Workplace


Psychological Safety - Employees

I’m not ok – how to ask for help
Safe place to fail – learning from mistakes
The dangers of echo chambers
Championing others

Dare to disagree - challenging leadership constructively


Psychological Safety - Leaders

Dare to disagree – creating a feedback culture
I’m not ok – spotting when team members are struggling
Safe place to fail – creating a fail fast environment
Addressing a blame culture
It’s ok not to know everything


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation - People, Process, Data & Technology
Digital Transformation & Ai / Automation
Digital Transformation - Unlocking Your Data (Digital Fluency)


Environment & Sustainability

Green Technology & Carbon Zero
The Role of Eco-Innovation
Waste Management
Economic & Brand Benefits


Establishing a Learning Culture

The Importance of Taking Risks
Leading by Example
Giving & Receiving Feedback
The Benefits of a Learning Culture
Campaigning & Marketing your Learning


Financial Conduct Authority

Treating Customers Fairly
Competition Law
Insider Dealing


Power Skills

Listening skills
How to delegate
Effective questioning skills
Preparing a presentation
Strategic thinking
Sharing ideas in meetings
Creating effective online meetings
Critical thinking
Customer success management
Dealing with emotional & angry customers


Office Health & Safety

Driving Safely (including Mobile Devices)
Health & Safety Policy
First Aid at Work
Displaying the Law Poster
Risk Assessments
The Importance of Consultation
The Health & Safety at Work Act
The Importance of Training
Workplace Facilities
Reporting Accidents & Illnesses
The Safety Six (e.g. Holding the Handrail and more)
The Importance of Insurance
Office Desk Set Up



Working Effectively as a Board of Trustees
Role of a Trustee
Gift Aid
Online Sales for Charities
Finance for Non-Finance Managers


Career Management

Successful Career Change
Be Your Own Boss
Finding the Perfect Job
Setting Your Goals & Staying Motivated
The Power of a Strong Network


Project Management

Project Management Lifecycle
The Agile Methodology
The Scrum Methodology
The Kanban Methodology
The Lean Methodology

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