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Carefully curated content to boost managerial development

We believe that leaders are made, not born. Theyre shaped by coaching, guidance and learning, and these skills need to be practiced, refined, and reinforced. This leadership and management library can form part of your overall leadership development strategy. The courses inside can be used as part of a new manager training programme or as timely refreshers to already existing skills.

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Our extensive leadership and management collection is delivered with the usual blend of engaging iAM animation, interactivity and static content to let your learners absorb knowledge at their own pace. This collection features dozens of courses covering many aspects of managerial development, and include courses that you’ve been crying out for, such as leadership psychology, leading in a crisis, creating a positive workplace culture, how to encourage honest feedback and many more. 

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Looking after your team

Supporting your team
Being a Leader, Not a Counsellor
Improving Mental Health in the Workplace
Targeting and Reducing Workplace Stress
You First: Leading From Within
Improving Remote Worker Health & Wellbeing
Supporting Employees with Mental Health Issues
Lead with empathy, not ego
Empathy in the Workplace
Managing sickness (Coming soon)


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Team Performance

Setting Effective Goals for KPIs
Running Effective 121’s
Motivating your Team
Developing Talent
How to Manage a Toxic Employee
Understanding Employee Engagement
Successfully Managing a Remote Team
Encouraging Employee Engagement (Coming soon)
The Impact of Giving Accountability (Coming Soon)
Recognising when a Formal PIP is Needed (Coming soon)
Performance Reviews (Coming soon)
Recognising a Skill vs Performance Issue (Coming soon)
Leading Global Teams (Coming soon)
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Leadership Styles & Situations

What is Digital Leadership?
Starting Out as a Digital Leader
Leadership Style: The Big 5
Understanding Contingency Leadership
Choosing your Leadership Style
What is Sustainable Leadership?
Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership
What is Agile Leadership?
What is Mindful Leadership?
Leadership During a Pandemic
The Integrated Psychological Theory of Leadership
Leadership in a Crisis
Brexit: Business Leaders FAQ
How Business Leaders Prepare for a Downturn (Coming soon)
What is Authentic Leadership? (Coming soon)
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Core Skills & Power Skills

The Power of Getting to Know Individuals on Your Team
Remote Communication
Inspiring Action
Understanding Workplace Culture
Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
How to Encourage Honest Feedback
Maintaining Changes to Workplace Culture (Coming soon)
Non-Verbal Communication (Coming soon)
Keep it Positive: Your Leadership Mindset (Coming soon)
Avoiding Common Management Mistakes (Coming soon)
Understanding Stakeholder Management (Coming soon)
Attracting Great Employees (Coming soon)
Difficult Conversations (Coming soon)
Mentoring (Coming soon)
Safe Place to Fail – Creating a Fail Fast Environment (Coming soon)
Dare to Disagree – Creating a Feedback Culture (Coming soon)
Addressing a Blame Culture (Coming soon)
It’s OK Not to Know Everything (Coming soon)
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